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In Collaboration with Spirit Pieces Memories

September 14, 2016

At Autumn Summer, we’ve always loved the fact that becasue our products are handmade, we are able to work on custom projects.

We always say that every product that we sell has a story, and you add a little bit of your story each day that you use our product. Well, this May, we were given the opportunity to design a new product that completely embodies this notion more than we could have imagined.

keepsake necklace pendant

This past May (2016), Dave Blake found our Etsy shop while looking to expand his brand, Spirit Pieces Memories. Spirit Pieces is a group of over a dozen artists that create urns and memorial jewelry, and Dave saw our compartment keychains as a potential starting point for his next design.

Dave had a few designs already available, mostly glass and silver, and we worked with him over the next month or so to design what would be the wooden version of these products.

green glass cremation urn

Dave started Spirit pieces in 2014 after his grandmother was buried. “Her grave abutted a warehouse and it really bothered me she ended up being buried in such an ugly locale.”

Our Spirit Pieces Memorial Cremation Pendants are available now in Dave’s online store for $22.99, with an option for custom engraving.

wood memorial cremation pendant

We’ve loved to not only make these great pieces, but to work with customers to help them properly remember their loved ones. We’re beyond excited to see where this partnership will take us, and we hope that these pieces can help you forever store your sacred memories.

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