Founder's story.

  • "I built Autumn in a shed, sold it as a manufacturing company, and four years later bought it back to rekindle its humanitarian roots.

    These wooden products are the result of a decade of craft mastery, connecting products to purpose, and my own self-discovery."

    - Ryan Autumn

  • The short version.

    The short version.

    Autumn Woods Co. is a Maryland woodworking company. We take everyday products, pair them with a cause, and build them out of wood. What started as a hobby quickly bloomed into a multifaceted wholesale manufacturing company, and our line is ever-evolving with regular product launches and refreshed designs. 

    Every product is handmade with real wood, a natural finish, and a whole lot of heart. 

Here's what really happened.

Here's what really happened.

  • 2014: The First Product

    2014: The First Product

    I didn't know that the tools my grandfather left in my shed would change everything. When I sold my first pen on eBay, I took it as proof that I could sell a million.

    I wish someone had told me that "Ryan's Woodturnings" was not an incredible business name, but we made it through the awkward stage.

    Those days looked like woodworking all day, hitting the post office by 4:59pm, and the marketing grind each night.

  • 2016: Growing Pains

    2016: Growing Pains

    Winning a small business competition helped us rent our first space.

    But money was tight, and with under $100 in the bank that April, the clock was ticking.

    With a week to spare we got a call for a rush order, along with a $2,500 check over night.

  • 2017: Lasers

    2017: Lasers

    Half of our customer service emails were about engraving. What's now a large part of our business was brand new, and we worked with a local engraver to fill these orders.

    Our first Epilog not only engraved our pens, but allowed us to cut wood. This opened the door for a whole new line, and a lot of what makes up Autumn today.

  • 2018: Time for an Upgrade

    2018: Time for an Upgrade

    With the team supassing 10, it was time for an upgrade. We moved from our 1,000 sq/ft office space to a 3,000 sq/ft warehouse, which happened to be next door.

    This created space for two more lasers, a CNC machine, and breathing room.

  • 2020: Ownership changes

    2020: Ownership changes

    The years that followed were a blur. A lot of hiring, annual Christmas chaos and celebration, and a whole lot of learning.

    Though we were growing, I was burning out, and I knew it was time to make a decision.

    I sold Autumn in 2020 and moved to Phoenix, AZ. 

  • 2024: Second Chances

    2024: Second Chances

    What would be “the dream” for many never quite settled in for me. 

    At the time of this writing it’s been a month since I reacquired Autumn. I don’t have words for what will be next, but what I do have is a happy team, a whole lot of impact to make, and a business I’m proud of.