(A letter from the founder, Ryan)

I’ve been an artist and designer in some capacity for as long as I can remember.

I started Autumn Woods to scratch my own artistic itch, but I continue to run it today out of a love for woodworking, creating quality products, and all of the people with whom we get to share our story.

In fact, the items that we create are all about stories.

The wood tells it’s story in it’s grain and coloring, we add our story in our design, and we add your story when we add your custom engraving.

Every letter written, every beer opened, every gift given is a story.

Small Business Soul, Big Business Reliablity

To a big business you’re just a number, but with us you’re working directly with our close-knit team to keep the art of custom woodworking alive: so I can honestly say that you matter.

Your order, your business, your experience matters.

We’ve found the sweet spot between a hobby craftsperson and a mass producing corporation. We have the techniques, tools and capacity to create bulk custom orders into the thousands of pieces, delivered on time in a consistent high quality, but without losing the heart and soul of a small business.

Practical. Beautiul. Simple.

We have a very simple product philosophy: keep it simple.

We handcraft all of our products in our Maryland based shop, and all of our products are made with sustainably sourced hardwoods.

We never use stains, dyes, or hard “plastic-y” finishes, so when you see “Walnut”, that means the product was made from a Walnut tree. It’s not a Walnut stain or a Walnut laminate. It’s genuine Walnut wood, finished with a natural, clear oil… as nature intended.

Livin' the Dream

I would be remiss not to mention everyone that’s helped Autumn Woods become the company that it is today.

I’ve watched it grow from just an idea, to a manufacturing company that’s really making an impact. From an unheated shed to a full woodshop/warehouse, and from an individual pen maker to a team of craftspeople creating corporate gifts in multiple product categories.

To all of the mentors, family, employees, and especially the customers that have supported us over the years: thank you… and keep the stories coming.

- Ryan Herbstsomer, Founder, Autumn Woods Co.

Our Team

Our Name

AUTUMN: Ryan’s last name, Herbstsomer, translates to “Autumn Summer”, which was our original brand. We’ve since updated to better describe our offering, but kept Autumn as a tribute to where it all started.

WOODS: Derived from trees; the best material on earth.

COLLECTIVE: Over the years we’ve developed partnerships with similar brands that share our vision, ranging from design to sales. The collective is where our brands merge to create exceptional products.

Pen Engraving
How to engrave a pen: