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Autumn Woods 2.0

(Updated products, new releases, and custom boxes)

It’s been a big year for Autumn Woods Collective. Our team is growing, we have some new technology, and we’ve been hard at work all winter to give you all new and even higher quality products.

Our original plan was to roll out these products in the background as we usually do. We’re not big on hype… but too many things were happening NOT to make this a big deal. So take a look at our new offering, and as always thank you for all who have supported us thus far.

New to Autumn Woods Collective

(Home Collection, Multitools)

When coming up with new products, we use a mix of customer feedback and personal interest. Our main addition in 2019 is our Home line, which is for our coffee lovers, homebodies, and our corporate partners who need work friendly gifts.

Our new multitool isn’t in our home collection but it was needed. If you haven’t seen these yet, just know that YOU NEED ONE. They have every tool you could need (15 total) including a box cutter to a bottle opener.

Custom Gift Boxes

This is another “by popular demand” item, but we’re just as happy to make them. Every box comes with FREE lid customization, and you get to pick your inside design - whether that’s your favorite state, the American flag, our mountains design, or custom engraved cherry wood.

The best part? The box is reuse-able. The gift recipient can keep old photos, mementos, coffee, or stash whatever they prefer.

Custom Gift Boxes

Build a gift as unique as they are.

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Product Updates

As a product company, it’s our responsibility (and joy, honestly) to continually improve our goods. We’re constantly making practical improvement to increase our products’ functionality, as well as visual changes to increase their overall style.

- Coasters: New finish to reduce warping from condensation, updated modern designs, 10% wider, new packaging/gift box

- Notebooks: Addition of pocket size (5"x3")

- Money Clips: 25% increase in size, new optional back side engraving

- Wine Stoppers: Solid wood (rather than layered in past)

- Mountain Design: Walnut base (previously Cedar) by poular demand, plus engraving

Pen Engraving
How to engrave a pen: