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Handcrafted Goods in Pop Culture

July 22, 2019

Things like wood and leather may seem very niche fashion, however, their popularity has been on the rise lately! Autumn Summer has a deep respect for high quality craftsmanship and we want to showcase how important handcrafted goods are in pop culture. 



We have all heard of big names like Gucci and Fendi when it comes to celebrity handbags, but what we don't frequently hear about are the smaller makers who's products are just as high quality or better. For example Saddleback Leathers made handbags for every presenter and performer at the 2008 MTV Movie awards. They have even had their bags given as gifts at the Country Music Awards. Saddleback really dedicates a lot of effort to make sure that their leather bags are tough and high quality. 


Shoes also have a wide range of big names associated with them, however, Tuccipolo isn't one of them (yet). They make amazing handcrafted Italian leather shoes with larger sized feet in mind, unlike many of their competitors. This makes it the perfect market for someone like an athlete. Here you can even see actor Anthony Anderson, most famous for his roles in Black-ish and Kangaroo Jack, with his pair!

Photo credit to Tuccipolo's Photo Testimonials


Another interesting maker who works with celebrities and influencers is Christopher Chaun. Their leather bowties are absolutely beautiful, and add elements of different materials to really make their craftsmanship pop and stand out in the crowd of celebrity apparel. Even Kal Penn, famous actor, has worn their exceptional work. 

Photo Credit to Christopher Chau Bowties



Proof Eyewear produces amazing sustainable eyewear products, while helping give back to the world. Similar to our work with Trees for the Future, they partner with with the Peru Project to help reduce poverty in Peru. Their sunglasses have seen a lot of big names, including Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, and Ellen Page.

Photo Credit to Proof Eyewear's Media

Bowties and Fedoras

The Two Guys Bowtie does some amazing work with wooden bowties. So much so that the NBA obsessed over them when Mike Conley wore a wooden bowtie before a game, back when he played for the Grizzlies. He clearly loves his wooden accessories, as he was seen sporting a wooden fedora before a different game!

Photo Credit to Two Guys Bowties 


Photo Credit to More Than Stats

So as you can see, handcrafted goods are super stylish, and don't always have to cost a fortune. To outfit yourself with some sweet craftsmanship you can check out any of the places above, or even check out our own selection of tie clips or cufflinks or other handcrafted goods.  

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