Retailer Q&A: The Studio Shop

Retailer Q&A: The Studio Shop

By Joshua Epling, 2 min reading time

We have a lot of amazing retail customers and we wanted to feature The Studio Shop as one of them. Read about how they come up with their awesome custom designs, and how their shop started.

We value all of our customers, and want to show that appreciation. This week's blog post highlights one of our great retail partners, Studio Shop in Williamston, Michigan. They order awesome Michigan design products, and send us amazing custom designs like the 'Native' design below. Let's jump right into the Q&A.

When did your shop get started?

The shop started in June of 2018.

What makes your shop special?

We are not only a boutique shop but also a portrait studio (that’s how we came up with our name, studio in the back and shop up front). We feature over 100 Michigan themed gifts, with a focus on handmade along with a small woman's fashion line.

Custom Flask

Which products are your best sellers?

Our Michigan Themed Hats and Michigan Themed Coasters are currently our best sellers. 

Your ‘Home’ and ‘Native’ designs are super cool and unique, can you tell us a little bit about your custom design process? 

I can’t take total credit for those designs, as there were already versions of them out prior to creating them but we have LOTS of other word designs (that are coming soon to you) that we did create.  The hardest part of combining our state and words is making sure it doesn’t look like another word and that it's big and bold.  That said Michigan as a state is very unique since we technically have two awesome shapes we can use for products. 

Custom Design handcrafted goods

Along that same note, do you have any cool designs coming up?

 Yes we already have a few designs in the works or have been completed such as grandparents, faith and explore!  We even have a design that combines both the lower peninsula and upper into one shape (that’s what we are ordering next through you).

What other types of products do you sell?

Mostly handmade Michigan themed products but have some food in the shop like pasties, chocolate covered cherries/blueberries and Michigan shaped gummies. 


 The Studio Shop has been an excellent partner for us at Autumn Summer. We really appreciate all of their ideas, their custom designs, and the pride they have in their items. You can check out all of their awesome products and events on Instagramor on FacebookIn only 4 days they are also having a website relaunch that you can check out here!

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