Featured Retailer: Makers Market

Featured Retailer: Makers Market

By Joshua Epling, 2 min reading time

Who doesn't love quality, USA handcrafted products? Makers Market embodies both of these qualities, while also caring about the impact their products have on the world. We are proud to be a part of this community of craftsman!

This week's featured partner is Makers Market. They are a California-based store that sells quality goods from craftsman. Their vision aligns so strongly with our own that we just had to work together. So what exactly is that vision?

The Idea

Two of their biggest requirements are quality craftsmanship and for the products to be made in the USA. Both of these qualities are things that we pride ourselves in at Autumn Summer Co. Makers Market is reminiscent of a time when custom was the standard, and the thought of buying from your local shopping center was outrageous. Last but not least, they care about the sustainability of their products, and almost all their makers create products that are sustainably crafted. They are all about products with a story, and we are proud to be a part of that movement.

Our Partnership 

Makers Market found us through an online wholesale listing and ever since our partnership has done really well. Our products do really well with there customers because they can feel the weight and quality of the wood. Makers Market often orders some really cool designs. They seem to like our bike, American Flag, and California State designs the best!

Other Makers

Bradley Mountain

Bradley Mountain Makes some awesome bags out of canvas and leather. The aesthetic is sort of rustic and stylish, matching a lot of the West Coast vibe. The company started in San Diego, making them a California business like Makers Market who features their products. 

Basik Candle Co.

Who doesn't love a delicious scented candle? San Francisco based Basik Candle Co. makes beautiful coconut wax candles, that are both safe for the skin, and environmentally friendly. They also have a great appearance that seems like it could fit any type of home. No wonder Makers Market pairs with this great craftsman!

Community Matters

Makers Market not only sells things in their four California locations, but they also host different monthly craft fairs that makers can showcase their items at. This community based approach brings people and products together, which furthering the story of each individual item. Their cause is a great one ,and their action in the community reflects both of our core values. If we are ever in California, it would be great to join this excellent community in which we are proud to be a maker. 

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