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Featured Partnership: Faire

July 08, 2019

We at Autumn Summer Co. love our partnerships and think that it is important to highlight them to show our appreciation. This week's blog article focuses on our friends at Faire, an online wholesale shop for collaboration between retailers and small businesses.

How We Found Faire

Faire kind of fell into our laps at the perfect time. About a year ago, luck would have it that Ryan stumbled across one of their ads just when he was looking for a way to connect with retailers. Faire has been a huge asset in this. More than just creating partnerships, Faire allows us to find retailers that share our vision. They have helped us breach a market all over the United States.

Benefits of Faire

Because they deal in volume, Faire can offer a lot of different incentives for buyers and sellers. For example they offer $200 off of your first order if you are new to Faire. Too good to be true? While it may sound like it, that’s only one of the great benefits of Faire. They also offer free shipping on that first order! Faire offers retailers net 60 terms too, but pays sellers before that. This gives retailers an excellent option, while not hurting the smaller businesses. Finally, sellers can organize their products into different collections, such as their best sellers. This lets retailers see what they want to buy in a faster way. Faire also offers zip code protection. This means that another store in your area can't buy the same exact product, which helps protect from the competition.

Easily placed wholesale orders!

Faire is an amazing tool for people to place easy wholesale orders. Aside from all of the benefits mentioned above, the process itself is super easy! Rather than writing manual orders and invoices, it works like buying anything else online! You pick the things you want, add them to your cart, and check out, simple as that!

Why we use Faire?

While it may seem obvious from all of the benefits above, we love Faire because they allow us to be ourselves. At Autumn Summer, the way we operate is very conducive to online sales, however, our products sell really well when our customers can feel them and see the craftsmanship that goes into them. With Faire we get the best of both worlds. Customers around the country can get hands on with our products and have a better buying experience. With Faire we have achieved a 94.8% sell through rate, meaning that much of our product sells through shops.

Our partnership with Faire has led to some great things and we are so excited to grow together with them. If you are a maker or retailer, be sure to check out Faire. If not, you can still buy our products at Autumn Summer Co. website or our Etsy shop.

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