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Custom Pen Box? No Problem!

August 05, 2019

One of the main products at Autumn Summer Co. is our pens. They combine the same aesthetic appeal and functionality that we have made a pillar of our business. But what pairs better with a beautiful pen than a beautiful, custom engraved box? 

The Order

Last week we had a customer looking for that perfect box and pen combo. Our pen pouches and and our office boxes didn't quite match what the U.S. Department of the Interior was looking for. They really wanted something a bit smaller, and easier to transport. Our production team designed and created new pen specific boxes. The rustic appearance pairs beautifully with the boldly engraved buffalo logo of the Department of the Interior.

The Engraving

Engraving can be tricky business. While working with the Department of the Interior, they made it really easy though. They included two different logos, one in color and one in black and white. The one in color can't be engraved, but it really helped us to figure out how to engrave the black and white image. If they hadn't included the colored image there wouldn't be a visible sun or as much detail in the image. It was really great that they included both!

We really enjoyed making these boxes. Watching the craft meet design and all come together smoothly is such an exciting process, and creating gifts that our customers will love is our main motivation. Thanks to the Department of the Interior's order, we got to work on a new design and work with an organization that supports the same sustainable goals that we do. While they aren't on the website yet, keep an eye out for them, or contact us for a custom order!

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