Best Local Maryland Breweries

Best Local Maryland Breweries

By Joshua Epling, 3 min reading time

Looking for a great place to sit down and have a drink? We made a list of our top breweries and craft beers in Northern Maryland. Go out with a group of friend, play some game, and have a drink with these great breweries near you!

Summertime is meant for relaxing, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the great outdoors. More than that however, it’s a great time to try new beers and breweries. Maryland is full of great craft brewers, large and small. The team here at Autumn Summer Co. all sat down and brainstormed a few of our favorites.

Ryan’s Pick: Olde Mother Brewery

Favorite Beer: Nitro Cho Cho Beer (4.9%)

Ryan’s pick is located on N. Market Street in Fredrick. Olde Mother Brewing Company offers a range of different beers and a great atmosphere. Ryan loves that there are also a bunch of games to play while you enjoy a finely crafted brew. Olde Mother’s is a one of a kind place to hang out with friends and beat the heat. Ryan also suggests that everyone should go La Paz nearby for delicious tacos that perfectly compliment a delicious Olde Mother brewski.

Tyler’s Pick: BC Brewery

Favorite Type of Beer: Sours

Tyler loves a sour beer, and BC Brewery in Hunt Valley never disappoints! Every Tuesday they have a specialty featured sour brew. Did you know that sour beers are usually sour because they use a different type of yeast that your typical IPA or lager? Tyler loves that they have so many different options and that those options are always changing. BC Brewery loves creating small batch beers, and getting community feedback, which we absolutely love about them!

Shelby’s Pick: Flying Dog Brewery

Favorite Beer: Raging B***h (8.3%)

Shelby loves playing music with different bands, and after performing a show, he loves to grab a cold one with Flying Dog Brewery. Flying Dog is one of the bigger breweries in Maryland (also located in Fredrick) and it shows! They have perfected the art of brewing a great beer, offer many options, and are experts at their branding. Boasting strange and brash art and language, Flying Dog stands out from the competition. Their bottles and cans are appealing to the eye as well as the palate. No one can question their creativity, especially when they offer things like the Old Bay Summer Ale!

Josh’s Pick: Pub Dog Brewery

Favorite Beer: White Dog (4.8%)

While he may be a native Pennsylvanian, Josh started his Maryland brewery exploration with a local favorite, Pub Dog Brewery! Established in Westminster, Pub Dog serves our community well, even taking part in local festivals and activities, like Food Truck Sunday at the Farm Museum! Josh loves that their beers are cool, light, and refreshing for these hot summer days, and they have made him even more excited to try the different local breweries around. Stop in at one of three different taprooms in Westminster, Baltimore, or Columbia!

Honorable Mention:

Union Craft Brewing

Interesting Beer: Citra DIPA

Union Brewing really emphasizes the community aspect of beer. Beer brings people together, and we at the Autumn Summer Co. agree. We love Union’s unique different flavors, and their great atmosphere. Ryan particularly loves their Duckpin beers. Josh thinks that the Rum Barrel-aged Chessie sounds like a delicious brew.

Light Beers

Well, now that we have spent an afternoon discussing our local favorites, its time to get back to work making bottle openers for us to all enjoy some brews at home! Feel free to leave us a comment or email telling us about your favorite local brew and brewery! Go ahead and tag them too! Until next time!

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