Baltimore Corporate Gifts

Baltimore Corporate Gifts

By Ryan Herbstsomer, 3 min reading time

Add a local touch to your corporate gifts.

Custom Baltimore Corporate Gifts


If you’ve ever had a Natty Boh, or if you’ve ever yelled “Oh” at the top of your lungs during the national anthem, you may be from Baltimore.

We get the hype! The Ravens, the Os, the crabs, beer, and Black Eyed Susan's that really make this city feel like home.

At Autumn Summer, not matter how much we grow, Baltimore will always be our home. And while we’re technically a “national” brand because we sell across the country, we love to work with the locals.


Baltimore Corporate Gifts

(Inner Harbor photo cred: Bob Burkhard)


If you're part of a Baltimore or Maryland based business, you're in the right place. 

What follows is a feature of some of our Baltimore themed corporate gifts that are sure to spark some inspiration. Whether you’re looking for custom skyline bottle openers for party favors, or wooden notebooks with your company's logo for your employees, we've got you covered.

Email us at today to make your Baltimore/Maryland themed gift ideas a reality!


Baltimore Skyline Bottle Opener Wood


Baltimore Skyline

You could be a little more subtle, but if you're looking to go all all out Baltimore with a smaller logo or engraving, incorporating the Baltimore skyline is the way to go.

If you're looking for a different skyline, just let us know. Chances are we've already made it, or we'd be happy to design one just for you. 


Wooden Corporate Gifts Baltimore


Skylines can go onto spiral notebooks (5x7 or 10x7), bottle openers, or flasks. Above is a custom order where the notebook is based on our standard skyline design with a half inlaid, half engraved company logo. 

I can't get enough of the aquarium wave in the skyline...


Maryland Inlay Wood Gifts


Maryland State Inlay/Engraving

The Maryland flag is cool (hang on, we'll get there), but don't forget about the state outline! This can be engraved into the wood, or we can cut out the shape and replace it with a piece of contrasting wood (aka and inlay). 

What's great about the MD inlay is that you still have plenty of room for your logo or text engraving. 

The bottle opener shows Cedar wood with a Maple inlay, but Mahogany and Walnut also have a great contrast. 

Maryland Flag Engraving

Maryland flag merchandise is showing up everywhere, from bumper stickers to tattoos. But who else etches it into wood?


Maryland Flag Gifts, Bottle Opener and Flask


And honestly, who doesn’t get psyched about the Maryland flag? We can put it on anything from our wooden bottle openers to our phone cases and coasters.

While we suggest engraving the MD flag on Mahogany wood, we can also engrave onto Maple for a bolder flag, or Walnut for a more subtle effect.

Ready to get started? Email us today at

Between the skyline, state outline, and flag, your options are just about endless. Not to mention that if you're looking for something different or completely custom, we have you covered. 

We're proud to be from Baltimore, and we'd love to work with you to build custom corporate gifts that truly show your B-more pride. 

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