Autumn Woods Narrator Pen in Cherry with a Rose Copper kit | Ballpoint Pen

Autumn Woods February Update: New Partners, New Products, New Discounts

We've been busy busy busy at the shop these past few weeks - filling wholesale orders, crafting new products, and creating new partnerships so we're excited for this brief opportunity to pause and loop you all in to the lot of new updates!

Let's start with the most fun things first, shall we?

Meet this Month's Hottest New Release

The Autumn Woods Narrator Pen

Autumn Woods Narrator Ballpoint Pen in Maple Burl


The Narrator Pen is honestly the special project we've been daydreaming about for the longest behind the scenes here at Autumn Woods - and we are so very excited to share it with all of you!

It's available in aromatic cedar, walnut & cherry hardwood, and gorgeous maple burl (pictured here) and can be crafted with either our standard gun metal kits, or these beautiful rosy copper kits and trust us when we say, this is easily our new favorite ballpoint pen.  You can grab yours here.

It glides over the pages when you write and twists open and closed so smoothly we could honestly cry. Yes, it's *that* good. Which brings us to our next bit of exciting news:

Autumn Woods on Youtube


It's been a long time coming - I mean, come on - we hand craft wooden products all day long, it was definitely time we got our own Youtube channel & we just dropped our newest video: "Crafting the Autumn Woods Narrator Pen".

For this one, I teamed up with our lathe specialist, Curt to give you all a behind the scenes shot at just what exactly goes in to crafting our brand new Narrator ballpoint pen. 

Full disclosure - you missed the steps before this so let me fill you in before you give it a watch: Our aromatic cedar pen blanks arrived late in the afternoon last Wednesday (something we were all VERY excited about) and Curt got to work almost immediately with setting a large portion of the blanks aside for the Narrator Pen.  Once set aside, Curt began the process of using the shop drill press to drill a hole down the center of the pen blanks that would be just large enough for the slimline kit tubes to slide in to and glue in with thin CA glue.  Each Narrator Pen uses 2 pen blanks, so once he had enough set aside to turn a full batch of Cedar pens with the rose gold kits he got to work on the lathe - and that's where our Youtube video picks up. 

Markets for Makers

Markets for Makers has a long history of offering their clients access to some of the widest range of small scale makers in the US during their outdoor markets.  Sadly, thanks to good ol' Covid-19 much of that has had to go digital.  

Markets for Makers reached out to us back in December with the opportunity to participate in one of their online markets and we were really excited to accept -it was, after all, our first virtual market - and who doesn't love trying new things?  It went off swimingly and so this month until March 10th we've returned to the virtual market space with so many other cool makers!  Be sure to check out the virtual market here.  

The most exciting part of being in their February Virtual Market is that we get to give you all a sweet 15% off discount!  Just use M4M15 at checkout through the end of February '21.

Last, but certainly not least we want to announce a brand new custom manufacturing partnership!


Elm Ave Collective

Elm Ave Collective Lion Nursery Name Sign

We first partnered with Frank at the beginning of 2020 to help streamline production for his previous business, Liberty Trade Co, where he manufactured high quality home address signs for a vast array of clients all over the world.

Frank sold Liberty Trade Co towards the end of last year (we still do manufacturing for the new owners) and reached out to us again at the end of the year to take over production of his signature Animal Nursery Signs for Elm Ave Collective.

  At the shop, once an order comes in, our newest maker Cameron begins by cutting down large sheets of wood to fit our CNC bed.  He then runs a program on the CNC to cut out sheets of 2 to 3 of a specific animal at a time before moving on to the sanding, staining, 3D letter printing, and pinning process before doing one final quality check of the sign ahead of delivering them to our Order Support team member, Jonisa for shipment to Frank's customers.

So, yeah, that's pretty much the extent of things.  Thanks for sticking around and I'll catch you on the flip side!

Cheers, Seb at Autumn Woods Co.

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