A Winter Update

A Winter Update

By Ryan Herbstsomer, 9 min reading time

As we buckle down for the winter months, we're also buckling down for the busiest time of year. Take a second to read along with us as we share some exciting new products, welcome on new staff and shine the spotlight on everything that keeps our shop busy!

A Winter Update

Here at Autumn Summer Co. there's always something to be done that keeps us busy. Whether it's a new order that need to be filled or bringing on more staff to help balance the workload of our makers. The shop just seems to stay busy, busy, busy! 

That's what I'm here for! Hi folks! My name is Laura Ann Kesling and I'll be helping with marketing! You get me for all things social media and blogging! Well, anything that has to do with grabbing the public's eye is really what I'm here for. If you follow us on social media, you may notice a slight change in the way we are presenting ourselves lately. That's because we're evolving! We're taking on new challenges and creating our image to scream what we're trying to sell! We are constantly changing our platform in ways that can help better customer satisfaction. So today, we're going to be honoring some of the people that go into helping our customers: our makers! We will also be going over some fun new things the shop is offering for the holidays! 

So let's jump right in! 

A Quick Story

For all of you out there reading our blog, I figured I should give you a quick snapshot of my life and why I'm here at Autumn Summer Co. The answer is really simple. To help! I'm an entrepreneur myself. In fact, I run three different businesses (not including this one) all at the same time! I moved to Maryland in 2018 and immediately jumped into helping people and offering my services. I'm a photographer. That's honestly why I got the job here with the shop because our fearless leader, Ryan, wanted someone who could produce more content. Now here I am today! My camera and I go everywhere together because you never know when there could be an opportunity to capture a special moment. That's why I'm glad Ryan found me! Because I want the world to see the ins and outs of what we do here at the shop and my camera captures it all. 

A while ago, I read an article that talked about the act of living in the moment. But it also expressed how important it is to remember the good times in life. They talked about an activity where they would write down a word or phrase, or even small moment that described the night they had. This included: conversations, phrases, a delicious dish they ate, etc. Anything that helped them relive that moment when they wanted to! 

When I thought about writing this blog, I knew that was the theme I'd like to stick to for the article. I thought about all the things that would help me recap what this busy season has brought us. They are: 

+ Photography 

+ Production 

+ Leadership 

+ Organization 

+ Helping Hands

Photography: When I think of photography and how much it can impact the way we view things, it makes my heart skip a beat. After taking on this job, I started seeing how important a specific image was to the business brand. Keeping up with the times and giving people a positive outlook on the business is a lot of pressure for one photograph to take on. So we don't use just one, we use many! Our business, our lives, and impressions are not based on one photograph. They are based on many snapshots that express all that we are about. Please, check us out on Instagram to get a better feel for what we're all about and how we want the world to view our story! 

Production: This is where you get to meet the team that helps put together such amazing work: our production team! What many people don't realize is that it doesn't take a village to make a business work. It takes a community of the right minded people to help further the vision of the company. It takes hardworking human beings that love what they do every day. 

Here's the first maker I'd like you to meet: Tyler! Say "Hi" to Tyler everyone! He's the head of production around here. He's the guy you go to when you need a helping hand, have a question/concern, or just need some help with your schedule. Tyler does it all! And what's even more impressive? Tyler and his fiance live in Towson, Maryland. That's 45 minutes (on a good day) away from the shop! Hats off to Tyler for keeping the shop functioning! 

Over in shipping and processing is Dana! When you order from Autumn Summer, she is the one that processes your order! Both individual orders and large wholesale orders go through her! Dana is a huge reason the shop stays upbeat and on task. With her early morning high spirits, that not all of us can keep up with, she constantly keeps us on our toes! Thanks to her laughs, smiles and upbeat spirit, the shop stays light and airy year round. What a great asset she is to the team! Wave on over to Dana! 

Across the shop in another department, there's a guy we've shed the spotlight on before: Shelby! Anybody remember him from our last blog post? Shelby handles all things pens! Yes, that's right. All our pens! From sanding, molding and turning Shelby deals with hundreds of orders. When we label all our pens as "handcrafted", this is the man behind that! Take a break from turning pens, Shelby, and wave to the folks at home!  

Here's Dorian's second time to shine! Once in the newsletter and now here on the blog? He's getting so famous! Congrats to Dorian for being such an amazing team player and keeping up with our little shop. We value Dorian so much as one of our hardest workers. A local program in Westminster, Maryland, The Arc, helped place Dorian in a secondary education program at McDaniel College. There he learned woodworking skills and found a love making tools. After navigating his way through that program, he wanted a more permanent job where he could excel with his new found skills. His job developer at The Arc helped connect him with Autumn Summer, where he is doing better than ever! He works alongside Tyler as he helps with inventory and production. Glad to have you Dorian. Give a wave to all your fans! 

Last but not least is our new-bee: Matt! Matt is our most recent addition (aside from myself) to the family. In his daily duties, Matt is responsible for production and inventory. His main focus is on all things laser engraved! When you order something from the shop with a custom or stock design on it, Matt's the one that fills that order for you! From restocking the shop with metal works or laser engraving multiple orders, Matt keeps the line moving along! Say cheese Matt, this one's for the blog! 

Leadership: When I think of leadership in our work space, there's definitely one thing that comes to mind. The man himself, Ryan! That fearless leader I mentioned earlier in the blog? This is him! After starting the company a few years ago, Ryan has turned Autumn Summer into a fantastic small business hub for local and global companies to partner with! Hundreds of ideas and hours later, Ryan and Autumn Summer Co. are in full gear and ready to take on more business! Let's give a round of applause to the leading man himself! 

Organization: There's so much to be said here. I don't mean physical organization, although that is a key feature when operating a business. The organization of the people who work here as well as the physical shop is a big thing to point out for the holidays. When you shop locally, or even globally, keep in mind the work ethic and time management that goes into making sure a shop is organized to the best of its ability. Here at Autumn Summer, making sure our workers are communicating and efficient is a big reason why we stay successful during our busiest season! 













Helping Hands: I'd like to take a second and really appreciate this section of the blog. So much of everything we do isn't possible without a group and community of strong, hard working individuals that value what they work for. During our Black Friday Savings Event, we partnered with Trees for the Future to plant 10 trees per item sold. How amazing is that? We build our business based on community and help from others that want to give back just as much as we do. Being a woodworking company, part of our duty is to make sure we value the earth's resources. We do this by partnering with people like Trees for the Future that want to ensure we keep our resources by planting more trees! 


We continually feel your support and we thank you for being apart of our journey as we enter the next few weeks of our busy season! As the shop grows and adds on more new things, we will always keep our followers in the loop! 

As for now, check out our new inventory of Holiday Ornaments! A fun, new holiday addition to the inventory is in stock and ready to be ordered! Customize it to fit your style or pick from one of ours! These handcrafted, leather hung, 4x4 inch, decorative ornaments are great gift ideas for anyone on your gift list! Make this your stocking stuffer or even buy it for your own family! Come celebrate the Holidays with Autumn Summer Co! 


Here's to a beautiful winter and happy busy season! 


Laura Kesling and all the folks at Autumn Summer Co. 

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