Where to Wear a Tie Clip

Where to Wear a Tie Clip

By Ryan Herbstsomer, 3 min reading time

We dive into the optimal place to wear a tie clip. It's more complicated than you may think...

In our men's accessories line, we carry wood tie clips, and all too often at we have customers who ask where to wear a tie clip... so we though we would take a look to see about the "rules" of where to place your newly bough tie clip.

Let's Start with Tie Clip Basics:

A tie clip, also called a tie bar, tie slide or tie clasp, is the accessory for men used to grasp the tie in front of the man’s dress shirt while keeping it from "wagging". This is a classic and simple piece which adds to a man’s professional image through making his clothes more polished and cleaner. 

Unfortunately, not all men are aware of the right way to use this accessory. A tie clip is one of the best handmade gifts for men and most people are interested, but they just can't figure out how they should put it on. Please read on to learn where to wear a tie clip:

Wear the Tie Clip Parallel to Your Shirt’s 4th Button

It’s the most secured look for the contemporary times. Some young men wear their clips higher, particularly in the same level with the 3rd button of their shirt while the previous styles showed that a tie clip is worn by men in level with their shirt’s 5ht button. After all of these, the choice will still depend on you so you should not go higher than the third button or lower than the fifth when you like to show that you are aware of what you are doing.

engraved wooden tie clips


(Above: Walnut Tie Clips)

Select the Tie Clip that is Not More Than ¾ of the Breadth of Your Tie

To have a longer tie clip will make you appear old-fashioned and the shorter ones is the more contemporary and trendy look (unless that's what you're going for!). Get your tie clip and hold it against your neck tie wherein it falls on the third or fourth button of your shirt. When it appears too long then you will have to use another clip or you might be in need of another tie.

Tips in Choosing the Right Tie Clip to Wear

There are different things that you should learn and understand about a tie clip. When you want to wear your tie with a tie clip, be sure that you are paring your tie with the best clip. A tie clip is typically made from metal and it can be made available in either classic gold, silver or plain in terms of color.

You can also find some tie clips such as a wood tie clip that are with more modern style and are capable of expressing the user’s personality. They may have textured patterns, logos, stone inlays, and any other eye catching, attractive designs.

You should choose the tie clip depending on the neck tie that you are wearing and also, the occasion where you will be wearing the clip for. A tie clip can either make or break your professional image. Be sure that you will keep in mind what you have learned from this page. By wearing your tie with the best tie clip for it, you will be looking more presentable that can uplift your confidence as a professional. So what are you still waiting for? Shop now and look for the best tie clip for yourself!

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