Top 5: Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Top 5: Unique Groomsmen Gifts

By Ryan Herbstsomer, 7 min reading time

We dive into the most unique and customized groomsmen gifts of 2016.

    If you were to search for "groomsmen gifts", you would find over 3 million results in under 1 second. This means that if you wanted to visit each one of those sites for one minute, it would take you over 5 years.

     Luckily, we wrote this guide to help you narrow down your groomsmen gift options, find the most unique groomsmen gifts, and decide which is best for your wedding.

top 5 best unique groomsmen gifts for your wedding

Why do I need to buy groomsmen gifts?

     Yes, I know. Weddings can get crazy expensive. So why add another fee to the list? For the more traditional readers, tradition is reason enough. For decades its been a custom for the groom to buy or make groomsmen gifts for his party to show his appreciation. 

      If that just doesn't cut it for you, here is why you NEED to buy groomsmen gifts: The small group of men that you've chosen to be your groomsmen are the men who you are closest to, have spent the most time with, and mean the most to you. These are the guys you went to college with, your brother(s), and the guys that will stand with you every time you need help. 

     The groomsmen gift is your best opportunity to show them how much they mean to you.

     (Not to mention the fact that your future wife's dress alone will cost you a bare minimum of a thousand bucks. This is your chance to splurge on your side). 

Our Top 5, Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts Ideas:

5) Handmade Notebooks

     We know you. Your men are the thinkers of your generation. The inventors, the doers, and the creators. That's why we included handmade journals in our top 5 list. Not only is it an especially unique idea for a groomsmen gift, but it's something your men are without a doubt going to use on a regular basis. 

     If practicality isn't enough, each journal is handmade and hand stamped, and is refillable. You can also choose whether you want to give a mini journal for that simple touch, or the full sized journal as their desk's new centerpiece. 

custom wood groomsmen notebook

4) Wood Flasks

Were we wrong? Your men work in an office, and would love a journal, but just wouldn't be able to call it a wedding without taking home some sort of drinking accessory? Not a problem. 

If you trust them, maybe give them their gifts before the wedding. (In all seriousness, don't do that. Your wives will come after me when things get out of hand...)

Leather wrapping adds a unique twist to the classic groomsmen gift. They're gonna love 'um.

wood flask

3) Wood Fountain Pens

     Whether your party includes a historian, calligrapher, or office accessory geek, a fountain pen will be sure to get them excited. 

     Believe it or not, fountain pens are making their way back, and with new technologies like the replaceable cartridge and new inks, fountain pens aren't only cool, they're practical. 

     Our wood pens are great for almost any type of groomsman, and feature exotic hardwoods and 24k gold writing nibs. 

(Also check out our bolt action gun pens for your groomsmen).

pens for groomsmen

2) Bottle Openers

     Industrial build - modern design. Add a custom name and a title for a perfect gift. Click here to view them!

Custom Wood Bottle Openers

1) Tie Clip & Cufflinks Set

     Kill two birds with one stone here. Gift your groomsmen a tie clip, cufflinks set, or matching set of both!

     Not only will they be able to use their new accessories outside of the wedding, but you'll save on your expensive wedding attire.

groomsmen tie bar and cufflinks

What makes a unique groomsmen gift?


     As you can imagine, everyone's budget is different. But in words, rather than numbers, you want to spend enough to show that you really care about the guys, while not breaking the bank! The plastic flasks that you can get at any grocery store obviously won't cut it, but spending $150 may be a little over the top. 

     Check the wedding favors: As a small tip for pricing, check what your future wife will be giving to her bridesmaids, and check what favors your giving to all of your guests (if any). If you go nuts on a $40 wedding favor, your groomsmen won't be too happy with $20 gift card. 

     Again, it's all about comparing it to what you can spend, and what you're spending on other things. 


     Here it is... the holy grail of all groomsmen gifts... the monogram. If you're trying to find something unique for your groomsmen, there isn't much out there more personal and meaningful than a gift that's personalized. 

     So what should it say? It's totally up to you, but we suggest that you consider some options other than "Joe and Jan, 2016 - Groomsman". If you're giving an item (like our wood pens) that your groomsmen can use after the wedding, put on something that they'll love. Either their monogram, full name, or something cliché if you're into that, like "Bros for life". 

     Trust me. They'll remember it's from you. 

     That being said, if your vision is to give something as a decoration, then your wedding date, bride and groom initials, or "groomsmen" will work extremely well. 

     It's up to you what you go with, but they're gonna love the personalization either way. 


     Another quality that you're groomsmen would appreciate is fine craftsmanship. I would strongly argue the fact that a $30 item that's handmade is worth far more than an imported, factory made piece that costs over $100. If you've got the right men, it's the craftsmanship that they'll appreciate, not the cost. 

     Giving something handmade truly shows how much your groomsmen mean to you, because you took the time to work with an artist and have something custom made for your men. At Autumn Summer, we custom made each groomsmen gift set to order to be sure that they work well together.

     There is something special about having your gifts custom made rather than just pulled off of a warehouse shelf.


     So there you have it! Hopefully we could provide some insight into what makes a unique groomsmen gift and how we can help you in your quest for the perfect groomsmen gifts


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