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Dropshipping with Autumn Woods Co.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions, or if anything doesn’t make sense, don’t hesitate to contact us at


Each order can have up to 4 costs: Item price, Engraving, Dropship Fee, and Shipping. For orders of 20 pieces or more, we may be able to offer more competitive pricing depending on the time of year.


Example Dropship Order

All order should be sent via email to Each order should be on a separate email thread. 

Order Email from Don's Store

Breakdown of order pricing: 


This order was placed in September, so Don will not be billed until October 1st. 


Because we will be filling orders before your first bill, we require a one time $150 deposit from all of our dropshippers. This deposit will be credited to your first bill, so it's not a fee or cost to you, but a deposit to insure that we will be covered for your first few orders. 


  • Company signs up to be a dropshipper in March, and pays $150 deposit. 
  • Company sells 25 items totaling $275 in March. 
  • Autumn Woods sends a bill for $275 on April 1st with $150 credit. Company only pays the remaining $125. 
  • Company sells 100 items in April totaling $1200. 
  • Autumn Woods send bill on May 1st for $1200. 
Pen Engraving
How to engrave a pen: