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2017 New Product Roundup

August 07, 2017

To put it simply, we’ve been busy.

The last time we did a product roundup was in April 2016, over a YEAR ago. At that time we were focused on promoting gifts from other Maryland artisans, but now we have some unique wood gifts of our own to show off.

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New Autumn Summer Wood Gifts

You’ll notice a barware trend in our new products, and that’s based on the great feedback that we’ve received from our wooden bottle openers!

 We see you, wine and whiskey lovers, and we’ve got something just for you.


1) Wooden Flasks 

Like I said, the bottle openers were a hit. So to add to the momentum, we’ve added custom wood flasks to our lineup!

And if you’re wondering, yes, that’s a solid piece of wood wrapped around the entire flask.

It took a ton of trial and error, but if you space out the cuts just right, the wood will bend right around the curves of the stainless steel flask. 

Having trouble getting your favorite liquor into the flask? Ask us to throw in a matching mini funnel.

 custom logo wooden flasks

2) iPhone Cases

I’ve been known to speak highly of Apple products. From the Macbook pro to the iPhone, the sleek design seems just about perfect.

But unless you have a unique case for your iPhone, you’re falling behind.

Unfortunately, that black case that you got when you bought your phone just isn’t gonna do.

Now we’re obviously not the first ones to make sweet phone cases. But if glitter, neon colors, or otter shaped cases aren’t for you, you're in luck.

We currently carry wood cases for the iPhone 6 and 7, with the 8 to come in October.

Plain wood isn’t good enough for you? Add a custom engraving or inlay for a one of a kind, phone protecting piece of art.

 custom wood iphone cases

3) Bottle Opener Keychains 

Imagine taking one of our awesome steel core bottle openers, cutting the opener off, and slapping on a key ring.

Well, you don’t have to imagine - we’ve made that a reality!

Now you can take your bottle opener wherever you go.

And don’t let the incredible bottle cap prying power fool you - it’s small, portable, and will stick with you for hundreds of beers to come.

bottle opener keychains


4) Wine Stoppers

I’ll be frank with you - I’m a beer guy all the way. But when I’m entertaining, I need to know that my guests won't open a $40 bottle of local wine, just to have to leave it wide open the entire night.

We offered a different bottle stopper style years back, but we found that it was a little too tall and wouldn’t fit into most refrigerators.

But now, the comeback kid has a shorter, flat top to save some height and allow some room for engraving.

wood wine stoppers


5) Custom Costers 

Your best friends just got a new place and you don’t know what to them (Really? You’ve just seen 4 other great products!).

Well fear not! Our coasters are the perfect house warming gift, and they have plenty of space for customization. Go simple with a large monogram, or sentimental with a longer message.

Our wood coasters measure about 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches wide, and 1/4 inch thick to fit any glass you may have, from shot glass to double old fashioned.

 1/4 inch wooden coasters

6) Revamped Money Clips/Tie Clips

Ok, we’re kind of cheating on this one. Tie clips were one of our first products, with money clips soon to follow. 

So, why are they here? They’ve been totally revamped!

When thinking of how to improve our wooden tie clips, we really liked the idea of a solid wood clip - as in no metal backing.

After a few attempts, we had some success and a sellable product, but they just didn’t hold up as well without the metal. No matter how cool the form, we couldn’t settle on function.

Instead of dropping the idea completely, we compromised.

With a few carefully placed cuts, we wrapped the wood around the entire clip, allowing for custom engraving on both sides.

 wooden tie clips and cufflinks wholesale

Are you looking for unique wholesale wood gifts and want to carry Autumn Summer in your gift shop or boutique? Contact us today to set up a wholesale account.

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