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We plant a tree for every product sold.

July 26, 2018

To us, one of the biggest measures of success for a company is its ability to give back, to support communities and share their stories on a wider stage.

We are thrilled to announce that as of the second half of 2018, Autumn Summer will plant one tree for every product sold! Read on to learn about planting partner, Trees for the Future, and why trees make the world a better place. 

Tree notebook, we plant one tree for every product sold.


At the heart of it all, we started this campaign to leave the earth better than we found it. 

Every product that we make requires real wood, so we were actually contributing to deforestation! Now we're sure to give back much more than we take so that you can have a guilt free product. 

When it comes to "why trees?", our answer is three-fold.


1) For the Planet

Create oxygen, cut carbon. Traditional farming practices produce a heavy carbon footprint, but the forest gardens planted by Trees for the Future have destroyed 192,796 metric tons of carbon to date. 

Trees clean toxins in our air and soil to help keep our environment clean and healthy.

If that's not enough, trees also provide shelter for wildlife such as birds, insects, and deer. 


yellow autumn trees


2) For the World

The families that we partner with are truly impacted by this project. Our partners in Sub-Saharan Africa are paid a fair wage to plant these trees, leading to an decrease in poverty levels and hunger. 

Over 82% of our farmers have seen a significant increase in income since joining the program, and now 83% of farmers are now food secure, when one year ago that number was a mere 13%. 


trees help fight hunger and poverty


3) For You

Simply put, trees are good for you. If you're on our website, chances are that you've spent some time enjoying the outdoors. Just image the absence of trees? Would it really be the same? 

Trees can help us relax, lower our heart rates, and reduce stress. In fact, one study shows that hospital patients with a view of trees and nature can spend up to 8% less time in the hospital. 



To jump start this campaign, we're starting off by planting 10,000 trees! This is our way of starting out with a bang, and paying back the wood that we have used over the years. 

In 2018 we plan to plant at least 10,000 additional trees, and hopefully a larger number of trees each as we grow! 


certificate of support from trees for the future



Trees for the future was created in 1989 and has planted over 115 million trees. 

To learn more about our amazing partner, trees for the future, visit



Ready to join our cause? We'll plant a tree for every product you order. Do you have a boutique or gift shop? We would love to partner with you to spread the word and really make an impact. 


autumn summer gifts that plant a tree

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